Specializing in small group landscape photography workshops, Sea to Summit offers workshops to some of the world’s most scenic landscapes. We limit our groups to 8 maximum participants with two full-time instructors to ensure you get plenty of hands-on time in the field. Photo workshops include Death Valley National Park, the Eastern SierraCalifornia Coast, PalouseHigh SierraOlympic National Park, and New Zealand’s South Island. Private 1-on-1 and corporate photo workshops are also available.

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The photographic journey is one of constant learning. Sea to Summit is committed to providing incredible landscape photography workshops that are learning-focused, meaning that we make every effort to have you leave your workshop a better photographer than you were when you came in. Our workshops are designed to immerse you in scenic landscapes while providing a positive, small group learning environment. Rather than spend our time in a classroom, all instruction takes place “in the field” in amazing locations, and is fun, constructive, and personal.


I just wanted to thank you two for an awesome workshop. I thought you guys were terrific. You’re both incredibly knowledgeable about seascape photography and the area – and better yet – awesome instructors. I’d consider taking another workshop just to hangout and see more locations. I especially appreciated that you guys were always available for questions both during the workshop and afterwards. Dinner and lunches were great too. I learned a ton and got all my questions answered. I loved that we were out all day! Best workshop I’ve taken

Tor B.

This was an outstanding trip for multiple reasons. The cost was reasonable, and the instructor to participant ratio was perfect! You guys do a great job at reading our levels and “feeding” us at the right pace….POSITIVE support with great tips and encouragement. I would definitely take another workshop.

Andrew M.

Thank you for a great class. Both of you were so good at explaining things and so willing to help. Not only are you both good at explaining things, but you are both polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. My favorite part of the workshop was the one-on-one attention. It was so much better than a previous class I had taken. Thanks. A+ from this teacher.

Gwynne M.

Josh and Jim were able to work with each person’s needs individually, which is great. Explanations were spot on; [Josh and Jim] worked well together; there was excellent balance of talk time versus shoot time, and the 1 on 1 time was excellent…I’ve paid for classes that ended up being a slide show of the instructor’s work with explanations of the subject matter, etc. Our workshop didn’t do that. It was far more useful than most classes I’ve taken. Josh and Jim, you’ve both really shown me that I don’t need to rush out and buy a full frame and L glass. Your work is crazy beautiful and you’ve proven that it’s the photographer not the equipment. I also loved that the class was only 8 people; there was ample time for everyone to get lens time with you both, and all of the information was usable immediately. I will definitely take another workshop with you.

Joanie U.

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Founded in 2010 as a collaborative effort between Jim Patterson and Joshua Cripps, Sea to Summit Workshops has risen to become one of the premier landscape and seascape photography workshop companies in California. Sea to Summit Workshops is dedicated to providing the absolute highest quality seascape and landscape photography workshops in order to help you take your photography to the next level. Immerse yourself and a positive, learning environment, all while photographing New Zealand, Yosemite, Death Valley, the Eastern Sierra, the California coast, Palouse, High Sierra and more. Read more…

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Our blog is an extension of the workshops we teach. Peruse recaps of our previous photography workshops and get a feel for what goes on when we are in the field. View photos taken by our workshop participants and be inspired. Read about camera equipment lessons and discover informative tutorials on filters, seascapes, photography and Photoshop techniques, and much more.