The Advanced Guide to Photographing Waterfalls and Streams

Images of silky smooth water captivate. Long exposures of water moving over waterfalls and down rivers draw the eye into the image and please the soul. But rarely do books delve deeply into the skill and artistry of successful water photography, showing you how it’s done, and challenging you to create those amazing shots for yourself. This ebook does that.

Justin Reznick’s instructions will build up your skills so that you too can make stunning water images. His book gives the enthusiastic beginning landscape photographer the tools for advanced mastery, and will make the advanced photographer even more successful.



Samples from the Book

Photographing Waterfalls
Photographing Waterfalls
Photographing Waterfalls

What’s Included

You might think that shooting a waterfall is as simple as finding a good composition, setting a long shutter speed, and hitting go. And while those certainly are the basics, there’s much more that goes into creating a striking waterfall image. Have you thought about how to capture the best looking water? How to ensure you have the best color, clarity, and detail? How to refine your composition till you find the best possible one? How not to freeze to death while standing in a frigid stream? Or how to ensure sharp shots even when shooting in hip-deep water?

Justin Reznick has and he brings his expertise to this book.

  • Eighteen water photography tips for how to get that best shot—including “fashion” tips for water wading (how to stay warm and dry), how to maximize your chances of getting the image you want, and how to protect your gear in damp conditions
  • Post-processing tips for making the image—including advice on analyzing and choosing images in Lightroom, and practical how-to instruction on blending multiple exposures in Photoshop to showcase the best of the light
  • Some of Justin’s favorite water images with extensive discussion of how he made them
  • More than forty amazing images of waterfalls and rivers

About the Author

Justin Reznick is a full-time professional nature photographer from Seattle, Washington. His vision comes from years on the road and off the beaten path. He has explored 66 countries on six continents and has hiked many of the world’s greatest trails. Recent publications of his work can be found in Backpacker Magazine,The Audubon SocietyNature’s BestOutdoor Photographer and Photography Monthly.

Justin displays and sells his work at fine art shows in the Pacific Northwest. He produces custom prints and canvas gallery wraps for corporate offices and homes. To view his work visit

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