Filter holder eaten by slime

Santa Cruz Photography Workshop, April 1st, 2012

Landscape photography and dramatic weather often go hand in hand. But when the rain was coming in sideways with howling winds just hours before our March 31st workshop, we decided to reschedule for 24 hours later. But if there isn’t a saying already, definitely “don’t trust the weatherman” certainly should be one that landscape photographers keep in mind. As it turned out, the rain let up right when the workshop would have started and then it returned with a vengeance right about when we would have wrapped things up. You just never know!

So on Sunday we went out to mostly clear skies and had a great group. We tucked in out of the wind (mostly) at Four Mile beach and dodged the massive waves. As or workshops tend to have a mix of skill levels, we split up the group. Those seeking help with basic camera settings got their fill of shutter speeds, ISOs, and apertures from Josh, and I helped photographers with compositions and filter questions. As per our usual itinerary, we headed to a second location half way through the day and decided the main beach in front of the coastal town of Davenport would work well considering the high surf. What we stumbled upon was a serious foam fest! Just check out some of the images below for some visual aids.

Although maybe not the first foreground choice that comes to mind, instructor Cripps didn’t hesitate to incorporate the frothy foam into a lesson in foreground impact. What I think sets Sea to Summit Workshops apart from other workshops is our tag team approach. By offering two instructors, our groups get to hear different takes on the same subjects. I mentioned earlier in the day Josh day, I took the opportunity to use some strong neutral density filters with a few participants as a lesson on shutter speed, stops of light, and how both these affect the visual impact of the final image. It is important not just to know how to use these tools, but why you would use them in the first place.

As the light faded, we packed up our gear and enjoyed a group dinner back in Santa Cruz. Thanks so much to Bambi, Ani, Russ, Irene, Brandon, and Haley! We had a great time and hope you did as well.



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