Four Mile sunset by Brad Oliver

Santa Cruz Photography Workshops, April 6th and 7th

Over the weekend of April 6th and 7th, Josh and I welcomed 15 photographers to our “backyard”, the Santa Cruz coastline. With its signature rocky shelves, we took to the Santa Cruz shores and discussed everything from shutter speeds to neutral density filters and from leading lines to visual flow. On both days, we started at one of our favorite coastal gems, Hole in the Wall beach and went over seascape specific techniques and of course, safety concerns: both for photographers and cameras. And although mid-afternoon shooting along the California coast isn’t always the “prime time” for photography, it is a great time to teach and go over topics in small small groups and 1-on-1 time. I recently picked up a 6-stop neutral density filter, and I quickly put it to use to show how filters can allow one to get to targeted shutter speeds. Keeping the composition constant, I quickly switched from a no filter exposure, to one with the 6-stop ND, and then finally one with a 10-stop ND (look for the black and white image in the gallery below for the results).

Moving to Four Mile for sunset, we continued both workshops going over the finer details of composition as the light faded into night. With a high surf advisory both days, we had our fair share of wave action which made for a dynamic day at the beach. Thanks to Mark, Rhandy, Vikram, David, Jen, Vivian, and Natalie for coming out Saturday! And thanks to Javi, Marc, Richard, Robert, Terry, Jill, Todd, and Bradley for attending on Sunday!

~Jim & Josh


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