photographing sunset along Santa Cruz coast

Santa Cruz Photography Workshop, July 13, 2013

Summer time weather patterns in Santa Cruz often are filled with blue skies or thick marine layers. On our July 13, 2013 Santa Cruz Photography Workshop, we got a little bit of both. We started the day at the main beach in Davenport with its signature sea stack, rocky staircase shelf, and the infamous crack. Despite the clear skies, the ocean had enough energy to pump in some decent waves which offers up a variety of ways to capture the motion. A still ocean offers no variety, and the essence of seascape photography is variety. One of the questions we want everyone to ask themselves is “how do I want my image to look?”. Photography, like all art forms, stems from ideas in the mind’s eye. Those ideas get refined by asking oneself a series of questions, then going about answering them. Images are made along the way.

Mid-workshop, we headed to the dynamic duo location of Panther Beach & Hole in the Wall Beach. Due to sand levels in summer, we were able to easily access the north end of the beach. What can be a 10′ rock wall in winter was practically at beach level during our workshop. As the sun dropped, we headed to the south end of Hole in the Wall beach where the light was getting about as interesting as it would get. The ocean had a steely blue look as the filtered sunlight was glistening off the ocean’s surface. Dave certainly took note and fired a few shots “from the hip” as we were walking down. As the light levels dropped, the shutter speeds got longer and Paul kept repeating the infamous photographer phrase “just one more shot”. My girlfriend knows what that means…usually 10-15 more minutes of shooting!

Thanks to Lori, Dave, Paul, and Mike, we hope to see you again soon!



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