eastern sierra photo workshop

Eastern Sierra Fall Photography Workshop, October 2013

First off, thanks to an amazing group of people and avid photographers! David, Dan, Bambi, Mary, Joey, Kevin, Stacia, and Nirav, you made this workshop both enjoyable and memorable. It was great meeting you Stacia, Mary, and Dan for the first time, and a pleasure to see you David, Nirav, Joey, Bambi, and Kevin again.

To recap, we spent sunset and a night shoot at Mono Lake’s South Tufa where Jim managed to survive not tripping over tufa in the dark while blasting calcium carbonate structures with amber gelled strobe light. What “eff” should I be at, was heard for the first time. A crisp morning at Silver Lake offered us splendid fall colors, rugged Carson Peak, some ducks, and a red Nissan Xterra to reflect in the still waters. After a hearty breakfast at Nicely’s, it was off to Lundy Canyon and the June Lake Loop where quaking aspens and the peak of fall color offered a reprieve from the mid-day sun. Sunset over the Minarets and the moonrise over the eastern mountains finished off our first full day. Of course, pizza in Mammoth can’t be left out of the conversation.

Saturday started off with a pleasant sunrise at Convict Lake where the shores were lined with golden color and some nice alpenglow. More fall color was found at McGee Creek with Mount Baldwin towering above.  Whispers of “what ‘eff’ should I be at” became less frequently heard. A pit stop in Bishop for some world famous bakery goods fueled our mid-day drive to Lone Pine where we photographed sunset over Mount Whitney and possibly melted some granite off Mobius Arch with some serious light painting by both Josh and Jim. Sunday’s sunrise back in the Alabama Hills greeted us with some intense alpenglow on the towering Sierras and a nearly full moon above it all.

Once again, thanks to everyone for joining us. It truly was a pleasure and we hope to see you again!

If this sounds like a blast to you, consider joining us for our next Eastern Sierra Photography Workshop.

~Josh & Jim

PS Thank you for your submission to the participant gallery found here.


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