group photography workshop along California coast

California Coastal Photo Workshop, December 2013

At our Friday meeting over pizza and beverages (dinner of champions for those embarking on a chilly weekend of coastal photography), the conversation turned to the weather. Just an hour or so prior, the rain began to fall and forecasts continued to call for showers through sunrise and into mid-day.  After the meeting and back at my house, Josh and I discussed how we’d handle a “wet” start to our workshop as the wind whipped the trees outside and the falling rain went horizontal. However, upon waking up in the morning, the skies were seemingly 100% clear! Well, that is better than the alternative of torrential rain, but not necessarily the dramatic light that would be a great start to the weekend.

Amazed at the weather’s drastic change, we gathered the group up along the bluffs overlooking our favorite stretch of coastline…and the clouds were rolling in. Then the light show happened. For the rest of the day into day 2’s sunrise. Needless to say, the weather, despite being colder than normal, certainly cooperated and gave us abundant opportunities for creating unique and compelling images. Even when the skies cleared, the scenery never got dull for a moment. Living along the central California coast has inspired me time and time again with its vast array of rugged beauty both in the grand scenes and the small details. From massive flocks of pelicans soaring overheard, to layered rocky shelves and rushing surf through chasms of sandstone down to the tafoni sand stone formations and multicolored pebbles, it was a pleasure sharing this wonderful coastal landscape with a great group of photographers. Thank you all to James, LeeAnn, Mike, Jeb, Vikram, Paul, and Bruce. It was a pleasure and we hope to see you all again soon!

And be sure to check out some of the images from the group in our post here.

~Jim Patterson

If this sounds fun to you consider joining us on our next session of the California Coastal Photography Workshop.


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