new zealand time lapse shawn reeder

New Zealand Time Lapse by Shawn Reeder

Photographers have long known of New Zealand’s dramatic beauty. It’s a picturesque land full of towering mountains, deep fjords, lush rain forests, azure glaciers, and belching volcanoes. Recent films like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have helped bring the landscapes of New Zealand to a global audience. Seeing the vistas portrayed in these movies is enough to start any landscape photographer drooling.

Recently, photographer and filmmaker Shawn Reeder spent three months in New Zealand creating his own stunning film, “Magical New Zealand.” This breathtaking timelapse is composed of 8,640 individual images that Shaun distilled down from the more than 150,000 he took as he traveled around the country. The film features some of New Zealand’s most well-known and beautiful locations so be sure to view this full screen and in HD for some wonderful landscape inspiration.

Sea to Summit’s New Zealand photography tour visits many of the locations shown in this film (and many more to boot!), so if this film has got you salivating, check out our workshop for your own chance to capture these stunning landscapes.

You can see more of Shawn Reeder’s work on Vimeo.

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