Awakening: New Zealand Timelapse

Ok, so we all know how beautiful New Zealand is. But that doesn’t stop me from getting goosebumps every time I’m reminded of it. Or from feeling an almost overwhelming urge to drop everything and jump on a plane. The latest bit of goodness to inspire this wanderlust in me is “Awakening,” a 4k timelapse created by photographer Martin Heck.

Martin shot this video over the course of four months in locations like Fiordland National Park, Mount Cook National Park, and Arthurs Pass National Park, Mavora Lakes and Lake Ohau. And since this only part 1 of 4, it means he’s got lots more NZ beauty to come.

We will be visiting a number of the locations featured in this film on our 2015 New Zealand Photography Tour, so if you’d like your own chance to explore and photograph this astounding country, join us for what will surely be the trip of a lifetime!

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