July 2014 Santa Cruz Workshop Recap

I would be lying if I said summer is the best time of year for sunsets in Santa Cruz. Substitute “worst” with “best” and maybe I’d agree. you see, typical central California weather in the summer consists of blue skies, wind, and fog. But recent subtropical moisture brought monsoonal-like conditions for the week or so leading up to our July 19th Santa Cruz Seascapes workshop. If the rugged coastal beauty of central California could have tropical type weather, the photographic opportunities would be unparalleled. The beaches might be a bit more crowded though.

As the clouds shaped up, we found ourselves at the south end of one of our favorite beaches. While some chose to photograph from a rocky ledge overlooking the ocean, others hit the beach to capture the crashing waves. And some did both. What happened next was one of the best sunsets of the year! The sun beams before sunset were just the beginning, and as the sun dropped below the horizon, the wisps of falling rain glowed with a fiery orange transitioning into red. Thank you to Cliff, Maricel, Prakash, Pranash, Terri, Barb, and Emma for joining us. We hope to see you again!

To check out a sampling of images from the group, see our blog post HERE. Thank you for your submissions.

-Jim & Josh

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