What can you even say about a trip like this?? The amazing company, the bonkers scenery, the crazy weather, and the amount of ground we covered. This was truly a trip for the record books! Rather than trying to recap everything we did and saw, I wanted to let our wonderful group talk about a few of their favorite parts from our 12-day South Island New Zealand Photography Workshop.

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Elisabeth Summer

“The New Zealand workshop was beyond my expectations. Josh and Jim, I was wowed every day, thank you so much! The way the tour was put together was simply fantastic, I could feel how much passion and effort went into the process of making this tour possible. With Josh knowing New Zealand really well, sharing so many great photography locations with us, combined with knowing wonderful people/locals (thank you for our coach driver Reg!), cafes, restaurants and best chocolates, made this whole trip an unforgettable memory. The moment when Jim suddenly started to see southern lights and told me to look up to see the Aurora Australis was definitely a special moment. I was fortunate to join the workshop with my best friend, and we both loved each location as well as the camaraderie with all the workshop participants. My absolute favorite and my most memorable moment was arriving in Milford Sound. I have no words for the magic of Milford Sound, I would say, and can only recommend to others, to go there yourself in order to understand and feel the magic!” – Elisabeth


“This was a trip of a lifetime for a few reasons, one being the fact that Sea & Summit put so much time, effort, dedication and the love of New Zealand and photography into it. Josh knew the area so well he made sure we were able to get to the best places to photograph even when the weather had other ideas, and each place we stayed was wonderful, I could have stayed more nights in each hotel. I really appreciated the fact that we traveled on a bus all together with an interesting and informative bus driver. Who could forget Reg? It was such a treat for him to share the history and geology of the area. Another benefit of traveling together on the bus was lots of time to talk and listen to everyone’s questions and comments. Plus many laughs and a great way to get to know everyone. I would not change one thing about the photography workshop, it was simply perfect. Thank you so much.
I was lucky enough to spend extra time on the island with the best person to share it with; I highly recommend staying as long as you can to go back to the places that touched you. We had planned on going to other areas than where we were going with Jim & Josh but after the workshop we found that we had been to the best places with Sea & Summit so we decided to go back to Milford Sound and absorb the area even more. Don’t let any excuses get in the way of missing a trip like this.” – Denyse

“By far the best part of the trip was the communication with you and Jim.  It was a lot of fun to be totally “silly” and on the same “wavelength” as the two of you.  It also helped pass the time as we traveled.  I hope I didn’t annoy you too much!  I also liked the input you and Jim gave me throughout the trip.  It seemed like all of my questions were answered by the two of you, helping me reach to a higher level of technical and compositional understanding.  I feel like the time in New Zealand allowed me to have enough repetition with my gear that I am now way more comfortable with it.  Rob and I shot a wedding in Aptos this weekend and I found myself more “automatic” with my manual camera settings.  On Sunday, we went on the Elkhorn Slough Safari boat and photographed seals, sea lions, otters, and multiple species of birds.  It was a great opportunity to use the continuous shooting mode on my camera.  Rob and I had a great time and will always remember our time with you.” – Gary

“Hello fellow survivors of the Josh and Jim photo boot camp. With the weather that we had it felt more like military training than a photo workshop but as they say what doesn’t kill you (ha tell that to my webbed feet), although I do fell better equipped to handle whatever mother nature throws at me since this class. Picking just one experience on this trip is difficult. So I based my decision on the “WOW” factor, meaning the number of times I said wow and that would be Milford Sound. After emerging from the tunnel it felt as if we were dropped into another world, a Jurassic Park or someplace time forgot. I also thought we had a great group. Everyone was easy-going, had a good sense of humor which made those long days and bus rides very enjoyable. So where are we going next?” – Rob

Photos coming soon!

Lori Reynolds

“I wanted to thank you again for all of your planning and research in putting the trip together. You did an outstanding job! I really enjoyed the group. Everyone was very nice and easy get along with.
In response to my favorite moment: I don’t really have just one. When I do a trip like this one (not that anything will ever compare to New Zealand) or a backpacking trip I often get caught up in trying to get a good photo or what is happening the next day or whatever. So, I think my favorite moments were when I sat back and realized “WOW” I am really here and look at what is in front of me. I will always have the memory of the scenery, the smells and the sounds that I experienced in those moments. Oh and I also enjoyed the my first Tim Tam slam! Yummm! Thanks again.” – Lori