2016 Eastern Sierra Photography Workshop Recap

We visit so many beautiful locations on our photography workshops, but there is something uniquely special about the Eastern Sierra. Maybe it is the impressive Sierra Nevada mountains themselves, always present at almost every location we visit. Maybe it is the extreme nature of the high elevation bristle cone pine forest in the White Mountains. Or maybe the foreign tufa formations at Mono lake or the multitude of rock arches in the Alabama Hills has something to do with it. Not to mention, when the fall color is on, it’s on! And this year, we had every hue of color imaginable, from lime greens, to golden yellow, fiery oranges, and scarlet reds. Our 2016 Eastern Sierra workshop was certainly a memorable one.

Thank you to Cynthia, Patricia, Thomas, Richard, Art, Bill, and Doug for attending. You made our time together memorable and enjoyable, and we hope to see you again!


Participant Photos