Crashes, bangs, thunder, lightning, wildflowers, mosquitoes, sunsets, endless views, granite peaks, lack of sleep, and amazing photos. It’s everything you could ask for in a High Sierra Summer Monsoon workshop. We pushed hard over the workshop and were rewarded with incredible opportunities for photography. A massive thanks to our wonderful group: Georgina, Allen, Duane, Graham, Greg, David, Mike, and Clint. Your willingness to get up early, brave the elements, explore the high country, and keep a positive attitude the whole time made it a great workshop for us and we’d love to have you back any time. Here are the locations we visited during the workshop:

  • Thursday night: Mono Lake South Tufa
  • Friday morning: McLeod Lake
  • Friday mid afternoon: Tuolumne River Cascades
  • Friday sunset: Pothole Dome, Tuolumne Meadows
  • Saturday morning: Convict Lake
  • Saturday afternoon and sunset: South Fork of Big Pine Creek
  • Sunday morning: Minaret Vista

Now be sure to scroll down to check out everyone’s shots as well as some behind the scenes moments from the workshop.

~ Josh and Jim