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Santa Cruz Photography Workshop, February 1, 2014

The day dawned bright and sunny. Then lunchtime rolled around and it stayed bright and sunny. But by the end of the day it was bright and sunny. Yes, the resilient offshore pressure ridge that was funneling wet weather around the west coast in early 2014 was out in full effect on February 1st, giving […]

Seastar Sunset: Behind the Scenes at Motukiekie Beach

I am surrounded by 12-legged beasts who digest their prey by extruding their stomachs through their mouths. The tide is rising quickly and my only escape route is disappearing before my eyes as the water gurgles higher and higher. Am I worried though? Just the opposite. As I stare at those carnivorous creatures and the […]

10 Stops in 10 Steps: A Practical Guide to Using Strong ND Filters

In today’s digital photography world many photographers are eschewing in-field filter use for digital processing techniques. In some cases, like using a graduated ND filters to deal with extreme dynamic range, or using a polarizing filter to increase color saturation*, the equivalent post processing techniques can actually produce superior results. But when it comes to […]