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Digital Cameras | Computers & Software | Lighting & Studio


Nik Software

Nik makes a series of excellent software programs for photographers. Their full suite includes programs for light and color correction, black and white conversion, image sharpening, noise reduction, and HDR.


Induro Tripods

A good tripod is the foundation of your image. Induro manufactures an entire line of both aluminum and carbon fiber tripods, at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers.

Receive a FREE CAMERA BAG from Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Photo

From camera backpacks to rolling camera bags to beltpacks and more, Think Tank offers a wide range of gear to protect and transport your camera equipment. What’s more, Sea to Summit Workshop participants receive a free gift with every order over $50.


Bay Photo Lab

Bay Photo is a nationally recognized print lab located here in Santa Cruz. Their print quality, customer service, turnaround, and local access can’t be beat.


Singh-Ray Filters

Singh-Ray is the maker of a huge variety of photographic filters. They make GNDs, solid NDs, warming polarizers, color enhancers, variable NDs, as well as colorizing filters like the Gold-n-Blue. Use code PATTERSON10 to save 10%.

lee filters

Lee Filters

Graduated Neutral Density filters (GNDs) are one of the most indispensable pieces of kit a photographer can own. They allow you to balance bright skies against dark foregrounds to achieve an even exposure across your entire image. Sea to Summit recommends Lee Filters because of their neutral color cast and mid-range price point.

fstop gear


Fstop gear makes quality camera bags in a wide range of sizes with their unique ICU (internal camera unit) system which makes for a flexible and interchangeable approach to your camera bag set-up.

Really Right Stuff

Really Right Stuff manufacturers some of the finest tripods, ballheads, and accessories on the market. They are considered the pinnacle in camera and lens support equipment.

Weather, Tides, Light, and Scouting



Webcams let you check out the live weather conditions before you head out the door.

Santa Cruz Web Cam

Yosemite Web Cams

Mono Lake Web Cams

Lake Tahoe Web Cams

Search for other webcams by location


Tides, Wind, and Swell

Tide predictors are absolutely crucial for seascape shooting as they allow you to predict when coastal features will be under or above water. It’s also nice to know if you’re going to get trapped somewhere by a high tide.

Mobile Geographics: Worldwide graphical tide chart. Shows sunrise and sunset times.

California salt water tide predictor

Marine forecast for wind and swell


Cloud Movement and Weather

Watching cloud movement will help you figure out where the clouds will be when you want to shoot.

Animated Loop for Cloud Movement

Animated Radar and cloud maps for the entire US

Don’t forget to check the weather before you head out shoot!

Photo Pills

A photo-planning app on steroids, PhotoPills contains everything you need to perfectly plan your shoots: in addition to sun and moon rise and set times and angles, this app shows shadows, obstacles, twilight and magic hour times. There are sun, moon, and Milky Way augmented reality viewers to help you perfectly align your shots. There is a full suite of calculators including long exposure, depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance, star trails and more. The app also includes location logs, planning logs, and shot predictors. Bottom line, if you want to plan the perfect shot, this app will help you do it.



The Photographer’s Emphemeris

This amazing tool shows you sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise angles for any location on Earth for any day you select. Perfect for figuring out when the sun or moon will be shining at a certain angle, setting between two mountains, rising down the middle of an archway, etc. Less complicated than PhotoPills, but with less functionality.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Workshop Companies We Recommend


Y-Explore Yosemite Adventures

Y-Explore are Yosemite specialists. They offer custom hikes, photo workshops, and family activities for individuals and groups of all ages and experience levels in every season in Yosemite National Park. They guarantee small group sizes for a more personalized Yosemite Adventure. Sea to Summit instructor Josh Cripps also leads short photo tours for Y-Explore.