Photography Workshop Testimonials

We have taught a lot of photographers and had some wonderful experiences on our workshops. Here are some of the things our students are saying about their time with us.

It was great to hear your insights on composition, and to know that you only expect one keeper per shoot. That really put things into perspective for me. [You were] very committed to giving students a new skill or additional knowledge. Clearly passionate about photography, which is always a joy to share!” – Juli G.

Thank you so much! I learned a lot from the work shop. [Josh & Jim were] overflowing with tips [for] all aspects in seascape photography.” – Sean V.

“The one on one was very helpful [and the] instructors were extremely knowledgeable in local locations and camera techniques. I got what I came for.” – Phil R.

I think Josh and Jim were able to work with each person’s needs individually, which is great. That way those who feel as though they are more on the basic end of the continuum don’t feel like they’re bringing the class down, while those at the advanced level can benefit from 1 on 1 time that’s geared toward their needs. Things clicked for me toward the end of the day when I started using the histogram, setting up shots, and using the time delay. I got it. Also, I loved making it up and down the scary rocks without breaking my neck or my camera. Explanations were spot on; [Josh and Jim] worked well together; there was excellent balance of talk time versus shoot time, and the 1 on 1 time was excellent…I’ve paid for classes that ended up being a slide show of the instructor’s work with explanations of the subject matter, etc. Our workshop didn’t do that. It was far more useful than most classes I’ve taken. Josh and Jim, you’ve both really shown me that I don’t need to rush out and buy a full frame and L glass. Your work is crazy beautiful and you have proven that it’s the photographer not the equipment. I also loved that the class was only 8 people; there was ample time for everyone to get lens time with you both, and all of the information was usable immediately. I will definitely take another workshop with you.” – Joanie U.

Had a lot of fun, learned a lot, have a lot of things to work on. Hopefully I can continue learning at Big Sur. [Josh and Jim] did a great job. I really appreciated the informal image critique afterwords and the post processing advice.” – Matt K.

Just about everything [was done well]. The group was relaxed, the pace was neither rushed nor dragging. There was plenty of 1 on 1 time. Jim and Josh clearly knew what they were talking about.” – Andy P.

Josh and Jim were GREAT. Easy to talk to and had alot of enthusiasm toward instruction. [They] made us feel comfortable and were more than willing to share their knowledge and creativity. They made a point of spending time with each participant.” – Bob and Paula S.

Yosemite Photography Workshop, lupines

[Jim and Josh were] warm and friendly [and] tried to keep you occupied and shoot as much as you can so that one could utilize the entire time at the workshop.” – Sreenath G.

I loooooooove you! I will return for more workshops.” – Priscilla O.

I just wanted to thank you two for an awesome workshop. I thought you guys were terrific. You’re both incredibly knowledgeable about seascape photography and the area – and better yet – awesome instructors. I’d consider taking another workshop just to hangout and see more locations. I especially appreciated that you guys were always available for questions both during the workshop and afterwards. Dinner and lunches were great too. I learned a ton and got all my questions answered. I loved that we were out all day! Best workshop I’ve taken.” – Tor B.

Thanks to you both! [Your] explanations were very supportive: Why don’t you try a portrait shot? Try to get closer – yes, even closer. Things like that were really helpful. Let me know when you offer [more workshops]. I will sign up. I am just waiting for it.” – Sandra P.

[I liked] being able to learn and try new techniques while under the guidance of the instructors.” – Roger W.

[I learned to use] the histogram more, using the ND filter more, consciously looking for things like leading lines…[Josh and Jim were] really tuned into what level we were at individually to help us hone our skills…this was an amazing experience! We hit the ground running and really honed in on what I needed to experiment with in order to make better images.” – Greg H.

Thanks again to all our wonderful students. We couldn’t do this without you! Your enthusiasm and curiosity for photography makes this so much fun for us, and we love helping you take your photography to the next level. If you’d like to join us on one of our fun workshops, check out what we’ve got coming up in Santa Cruz, Death Valley, Yosemite, the California coast, the Eastern Sierra, High Sierra, Palouse, and New Zealand!

– Jim and Josh