Awakening: New Zealand 4k Timelapse

Awakening: New Zealand Timelapse

Ok, so we all know how beautiful New Zealand is. But that…
McLean Falls, The Catlins

The Catlins, New Zealand

"Are you scared?" she asked me. Scared, me? No way. But the truth…
new zealand time lapse shawn reeder

New Zealand Time Lapse by Shawn Reeder

Photographers have long known of New Zealand's dramatic beauty.…
Motukiekie Beach, West Coast

Seastar Sunset: Behind the Scenes at Motukiekie Beach

I am surrounded by 12-legged beasts who digest their prey by…
Sealy Tarns, Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand

Southern Splendor: Behind the Lens at the Sealy Tarns

This is a staircase from hell. This thing makes the infamous…